Mudville...A History

The "Mudville Baseball Township" APBA league had its start in 1982, using the infamous 1981 strike-season card set. Twelve managers started the season… fewer finished. The original Commissioner absconded with the league funds part way through the season. Don Carbone took over and guided the league to a finish, though not all teams played all games. The next year, Don led Mudville to a full and complete season and in 1984 oversaw expansion to sixteen teams. The "Official Mudville Record Book" starts at that point.

From 1984 through 1987, hitters were restricted according to their "J-ratings". J-0 and J-1 hitters had no restrictions on at-bats or games played. Others were restricted to games played but not at-bats. Starting pitchers had no limits on innings… only on games started. Relievers were restricted to innings pitched.

You'll find a few unexpected names in the Mudville Record Book from those years… the loose restrictions led to surprising stats by some part-time players. A good deal of grumbling over unrealistic stats led to major changes in Mudville rules for 1988.

In 1988, Mudville adopted the CMBA pitching grade system on a one-year trial basis. Also voted in that year were tighter restrictions on player usage. The tighter restrictions remain, but CMBA is long gone. CMBA worked well but 1988 was based on the "rabbit-ball" year of '87. Many managers were upset at the reduced offense brought about by CMBA, a few resigned, recruitment was difficult, and finally the CMBA was repealed… which brought another round of resignations from its supporters.

Computer play was introduced on a trial basis in 1991. Five managers used the electronic version. Unlike CMBA, this trial passed muster and, in 1992, seven managers were on the keyboard. In 1993, the number jumped to twelve managers playing the DOS computer game. By 1994, all but one of the twenty managers was using the computer version.

In 1994, another round of expansion brought Mudville to its current twenty teams. Another round of controversy (variously described as "Our Troubles", "The Mudville War of Independence", and "What the Hell is Going On Here?") struck mid-season of 1994 in a dispute over league leadership. Mudville split into two camps. This one, the "Mudville Confederacy", formed with thirteen of the original colonies while five others carried on as the "Mudville Baseball Township". Truly the biggest crisis to hit the league, our hope was that two strong leagues would rise.

The above was written by Paul McEvoy at the start of the 1995 season, for the Mudville Record Book. From this point forward, Mudville's history is documented by Bill Wagoner (1995-2000) & David Ziemann (2001-forward).


The Mudville Confederacy has flourished since "The Great Disruption" of the 1994 season, but not without challenge. Seven new managers were promptly recruited to fill out the league and schedules were pushed back to accommodate the changes… the post-season of 1994 (the first Mudville games to be played live via modem!) was finally wrapped up in late November.

The "Mudville Baseball Township", however, did not fare so well… unable to recruit back to a full complement of managers, the league folded soon after.

For the 1995 season, one of the departed managers (an original charter member from 1982) returned and the Mudville Confederacy continued to "chase the electronic age", with new on-line bulletin boards, a venture into more on-line games, and a proliferation of email usage. The 1996 season was clear-sailing, by comparison with most, under the final year of three separate terms of our beloved "Czar", Paul McEvoy.

In the 1997 season, Mudville completed its migration to the computer game as our final board-gamer became a convert. Mudville Confederacy was now a 100% computer league! 1997 was not a year without challenge either, as we had a mid-stream commissioner change and seven managers departed over the course of the season for a variety of reasons… their voids having been quickly filled with new blood.

The fall '97 charter amendment period voted in the Baseball for Windows (BBWin) game as our new platform and expansion to 24 teams for the 1999 season. Player usage, and the corresponding penalties for exceeding limits, was once again an emotional issue as the year wound down.

The 1998 campaign marked the debut of BBWin in Mudville, our "transition season" from DOS to Windows. StatMaster for DOS continued to be the Mudville Confederacy statistical platform, although nearly all managers opted to play BBWin and convert (using the "makpfile" utility) the boxscores into pfiles. Charter amendment now required regular email access, providing for more efficient league communication and, with it, some flare-ups that tested Mudville once again. Another mid-season commissioner change and seven managerial transitions (four being of the post-season variety) later, the season wrapped up in style and once again displayed why Mudville is one of the premier baseball leagues in the world. It was agreed that expansion, previously voted in during the 1997 postseason, would be put on hold for an indefinite period.

1999 saw a smooth transition to 100% Baseball for Windows and all of the advantages of migrating to the new platform... League Manager, vastly improved statistics, and endless utilities. Another, this time calm and calculated, commissioner change came during the early months of the '99 season and, in October, the regular season and playoffs wrapped up as efficiently as any time in the league's history.

The new century brought an exciting M2K season, running smoothly from start to finish under the same leadership team as the previous campaign. 2000 brought the introduction of mandatory micromanagers on the road, which created little more than a hiccup for this seasoned group of team owners. Tragically, however, the season opening was marred by the numbing news of Kern River Rats manager Bill Brenn's death on March 21st at the age of 43.

2001 was another smooth year for Mudville. No major rule changes were implemented over the winter but a "Fireman of the Year" award was added to season honors. One owner was lost during the season but was quickly replaced by a returning veteran of Mudville. Bill Wagoner stepped down as Co-commissioner, after having done a simply superb job bringing Mudville into the computer age. His leadership, organization, and internet skills truly pushed Mudville over the top. Thank you, Bill!

The 2002 season, Mudville's 21st, was another great year. New blood arrived in the playoffs for the American League. The Bethel Bandits, Laval Quebecois, and Pacific Spirit were in, perenial AL powers Iron City Cowgunners, Roman Legions, and Windy City Silencers were out. In the NL, George Glavas and his Cooperstown Giants finally fulfilled a 9-year quest, overtaking long time NL West and Mudville powerhouse San Francisco (formerly the California Quakes). Cooperstown ended the Waboritas 6 year division title run (during which the Giants finished 2nd the last 5 years) and then went on to defeat the Spirit 4 games to 2 in the 2002 Mudville World Series. Way to go George! 2003 will see some big changes to Mudville. For 22 years Mudville has been a DH-only league. But after a special year end vote, Mudville will go to a true American League/National League setup, mirroring MLB. Also, in-season trading will be allowed for the first time! In the past only one trading period, in July, was allowed. We also begin 2003 with the same 20 owners that started 2002.

2003...A New Era. Overcoming expected growing pains due to the new DH/no DH rules, Mudville continued to flourish. Some early lineup SNAFU's didn't slow another great season. The American League East, despite no team over .500, was competitive with Alan Hounsell's Cardiff Bay Tigers hanging on for their 1st division title. In the West, Gary Witt and his Pacific Spirit had a great year, finishing 99-63. The Concord Crush, runner up in the West to the Spirit garnered the Wild Card playoff spot. In the National League, Doug Chapin led his Merrifield Moderates to an easy 19 game division win in the East. The West was a dogfight all year between Fran Bielli's Roman Legions and John Niespodzianski's Iron City Cowgunners. The Legions broke away late and won the division by 7 games despite Iron City's 108 wins. The playoffs were scintillating as expected. Cardiff Bay took out favored Concord 4-2 in the ALDS and Merrifield snuck by Iron City 4-3 in a tremendous NLDS. In the ALCS Cardiff Bay tangled with AL-Best Pacific Spirit. The Spirit proved to tough for the Tigers, taking them out in 5 games and advancing to the World Series. In the NLCS the Moderates were overmatched against Roman, falling in 5 games. Roman, with a league best 115 wins in 2003, then proved that no fluke, taking out Pacific in 6 games for their first Mudville title. Congratulations Fran!

2004, Mudville's 23rd, was another great year. The growing pains of 2003 (true NL/AL play and in season trades began) were a thing of the past and baseball ruled the day. 3 new owners were annointed. Gary Bringhurst (Atlantic City Casino Warriors), Joe Burton (Nigella Bytes), and Ken Berry (North Texas Mustangs) started the year. Unfortunately, Ken didn't last long and Kevin Friel (Philly Cheese Steaks) took over. The season saw 3 teams win 109 or more games, only the 2nd time that has happened in Mudville (2002 had 4 teams do that). The Urban Gorillas (JB Ewing) went 109-53 to win the AL East, the Windy City Silencers (Nick Roppo) put up a 113-49 season to win the AL West, and the defending Mudville Champ Roman Legions put together a nifty 117-45 season (after a 115 win season in 2003!) to win the NL West. The NL East was won by the Hollywood Stars (Mike Pope) at 92-70. Mike took over a wayward franchise in 2001 and has quickly turned them into a force and a team to be reckoned with for years to come. The AL WildCard went to the 97-65 Pacific Spirit (Gary Witt). They beat the Cardiff Bay Tigers, also 97-65, in a one game playoff to get into the dance. The NL WildCard was won by the Atlantic City Casino Warriors (88-74). The LDS matchups were Urban versus Pacific in the AL and Hollywood versus Atlantic City in the NL. In the AL Urban took out Pacific in a scintillating 7 game series, winning the last 2 games to advance to the ALCS. In the NL Hollywood easily dispatched an overmatched Casino Warrior squad, 4 games to 1. The ALCS saw the #1 seeded Silencers taken out by the Gorillas in 6 games. Roman overpowered the young Stars winning the NLCS, also in 6 games. The World Series pitted the Gorillas versus the Legions, it didn't disappoint. Roman won games 1 and 2 but the Gorillas (not yet Silverbacks) won the next 3 to put the Legions on the brink. The Legions won game 6 to force game 7. Game 7, an all-time classic. The teams battled to a 1-1 tie through FIFTEEN tense innings. Finally in the 16th inning Urban plated 3 runs and won the game 4-1 and captured their first Mudville Championship! Congratulations JB! All in all, a super end to another super Mudville season (are there any other kind of Mudville seasons?)

2005...season 24! With no major changes during the off-season 2005 was upon us rather uneventfully. One new owner, John Botelho (son of Senior Mudville member Larry Botelho) brought his Botown Baseknocks to Mudville replacing the Atlantic City franchise. During mid-season, long time owner JB Ewing (Urban Gorillas) left Mudville despite many owners pleas to stay. James Thivierge came on board and renamed the franchise to the Korea Slammers. Enough of the hello's and goodbye' the action. In the American League the Dark Side Mooners(Gary Rommelfanger) took the East (92-70) and the upstart Nigella Bytes (Joe Burton) put up a Mudville best 108-54 mark to take the West. The AL Wildcard came down to the last days of the season between the Philly Muckdogs (Kevin Friel) and the Mudville evil-doers, Windy City Silencers (Nick Roppo). After taking 2 of 3 from Windy City, Philly entered the last series of the year with a slim 1/2 game lead for the WC. Philly quickly squashed the Silencers hopes, taking the first 2 games from the Pacific Spirit and clinching the AL Wildcard. In the National League the Hollywood Stars (Mike Pope) continued their amazing turn around from cellar dwellars to Mudville Power, winning the NL East with a 105-57 mark. The Botown Baseknocks (99-63) won the West edging out the long time power Roman Legions (Fran Bielli). The Legions (96-66) did get the Wildcard spot despite the Merrifield Moderates (Doug Chapin) having the same record. Doug decided to leave the league and graciously gave the wildcard to the Legions. Doug's 8 year tenure in Mudville brought wit, wisdom, and class to all of us and he will definitely be missed. On to the playoffs! In the AL Philly quickly disposed of the Mooners, taking them out in 5 games. In the NL the Legions showed the upstart Baseknocks a series isn't over until it's over. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit Roman won the final 3 games to send Botown back to their beans. The League Championship Series were over quickly in both leagues. AL East champ Nigella showed their Mudville best W/L record wasn't a fluke, pushing aside the Muckdogs in 5 games. In the NL the Legions again showed experience bests youth in most cases, taking out the heavily favored Stars in a sweep and earning their 3rd straight World Series appearance. But the Legions magic would run out versus the mighty Nigella Bytes. Joe Burton, in only his 2nd Mudville season, led his squad to a 4-2 series win coming back from a 2-1 deficit to claim the title. Heading into 2006, our SILVER ANNIVERSARY, we've added 3 new owners that have brought energy and insight to the league. Mudville continues on...showing the way in the APBA online world!

2006...The Silver Anniversary Season! As usual the Mudville off-season was fairly uneventful. Awards, charter amendments, league official nominations, standard yearly protocol. Heading into the season there were 4 new teams, 1 in each division. Geoffrey Meister (Stockton Port), Rick Adams (Baystate Bombers), Erik Nelson (Ft. Washington Generals), and David Marlow (Louisville Bats) took the reins in their first Mudville season. With their additions we lost some long time quality managers. Gary Witt was a 7-year owner who's spirit for Mudville was unlike any other. Fran Bielli ruled for 8+ years and his annual race to finish games first and make the most trades during the season were his signatures. Lastly Doug Chapin, an 8 year owner whose splendiferous vernacular dexterity was, and will be, unparalleled in Mudville history, only tempered by his moderately dry wit. To the baseball! The American League was clearly the class of Mudville in 2006. All 3 AL playoff teams had better records than the NL best Hollywood Stars. James Thivierge's Korea Slammers won the AL East with a FINE 109-73 mark. George Glavas' Cooperstown Giants ripped off a 117-45 season to coast to the AL West crown. The Windy City Silencers led by Nick Roppo garnered the AL Wildcard with a very good 96-66 record. In the NL Mike Pope continues his mastery with the Hollywood Stars cruising to an easy NL East win with a 95-67 season. John Botelho's Botown Baseknocks took advantage of a weak NL West to take the division with an 88-74 slate. Erik Nelson led his Fort Washington Generals to the NL Wildcard, his 83-79 mark good enough for that honor. The AL playoffs. In an upset of historical proportions the Silencers rose up and took out the very tough Korea Slammers, 4 games to 3. The teams alternated wins up to game 7 which Windy City won in 12 innings by an odd 10-3 score. Windy City was spent after this series and the Giants showed why they were the elite team in Mudville during the regular season, easily winning the AL Pennant with a 4-1 ALCS win. The NL Playoffs. The Baseknocks took out an overmatched Fort Washington squad 4 games to 1, taking the last 3 games ALL by shutout! In the NLCS the Hollywood Stars culminated 6 years of nothing short of the best turnaround in Mudville history, sweeping Botown and winning their first NL Pennant. The World Series. Cooperstown vs Hollywood. The Giants puffed up early and took the first 2 only to see Hollywood respond in kind to tie the series at 2. Then history was made. Cooperstown's Roger Clemens threw a no-hitter in game 5, the first ever in Mudville post season history!! It's only fitting it happened in 2006 as there were FIVE regular season no-no's! Even with that momentum changing game Hollywood clawed to a game 6 win to force Game 7. But the Giants were too much, winning 11-2 to secure Cooperstown's 2nd title in the last 5 years. Congratulations to George Glavas and his Giants!! So what will the next 25 years hold for Mudville? If the previous 25 are any indication it will be incredible games, unbelievable stats, heart stopping playoffs, an expanding web presence, and of course, quality owners and friends.

2007…Season #26. Season started with 1 re-located franchise, the Endicott Gulls (Brendan Doyle) replaced Geoffrey Meister's Stockton Ports in the AL East. In July, David Marlow (Louisville Cardinals) had to leave the league and Rick Roeth (Madison Purgolders) was nominated to fill his spot. As you'll see, Rick didn't miss a beat. On the field, the Olathe Orioles (Jason Ewing) plowed through the regular season winning 126 games, 4th best All-Time, and the NL West Crown! James Thivierge’s Korea Slammers (101-61) won the AL East, George Glavas coaxed his defending Champion Cooperstown Giants (89-73) to the AL West title and Dave Ziemann led his Dakota Prairie Dogs (92-70) to the NL East title. The Baystate Bombers (84-78, Rick Adams) claimed the AL Wildcard and Rick Roeth’s Madison Purgolders (93-69) took the NL final playoff spot. LDS action, the Giants ousted the Bombers in 7 games, coming from 3-2 down to win the final 2 games 6-3 and 11-4. Dakota bested Madison in 5 games, closing them out with a 6-0 shutout. Cooperstown then rose up and pulled off one of the greatest Mudville upsets ever, sweeping Korea in the ALCS, to set up an improbable defense of their title! Olathe showed why they won 126 games, easily dispatching Dakota in 5 games in the NLCS. But Cooperstown's Cinderella story ended, as expected, abruptly. The Orioles took the crown in 5 games, shutting out the Giants twice along the way. All in all another great Mudville year. We now head to off-season award voting, charter amendments, over/under usage penalties and then the trading period and draft. 

2008…Season #27. A stable group of owners (read: none replaced over the winter) began another great Mudville season. Fresh off their World Series title the Olathe Orioles (Jason Ewing) continued their FINE play, taking the NL West crown with a sterling 117-45 record. They needed everyone of those wins as the Iron City Cowgunners (John Niespodzianski) went 114-48 to claim the NL Wildcard. Larry Botelho's Dekalb County Cardinals finished 98-64 to top the NL East. In the American League the Korea Slammers (James Thivierge) continued their recent dominance of the AL East, topping 100 wins for the 3rd straight season (108-54...101 wins in '07 and 109 in '06) and taking the East title. Kevin Friel's Philly Muckdogs (94-68) took the AL West title. The Dark Side Mooners (Gary Rommelfanger) easily claimed the AL Wildcard with a 85-77 mark. In the AL Divisional round Philly easily dispatched the Mooners in 4 games to advance to the ALCS. In the NL, Dekalb County upset Iron City 4 games to 2 to move on and face Olathe in the NLCS. In the ALCS Korea finally got over the LCS hump (after losing in the '06 and '07 ALCS's to Cooperstown), beating Philly in 6 games. Dekalb County's Cinderella run (if a 98 win team can be a Cinderella) ended in 7 tough games vs defending champion Olathe. Despite the tough NLCS, the Orioles brought their A game to the World Series, taking out the Slammers in 5 games, despite losing game 1. With their title repeat Olathe became Mudville's first repeat winner since 2001! On a personal note the entire Mudville community is glad to have Ron Bates (Stumptown Columbias) back and active in 2009. Ron, a Mudville member since 1996 battled serious health issues in 2008 and turned over team operations to the league. Ron completed treatments for his illness in late November and in early December was able to resume his rightful position running the Columbias. Welcome back Ron!! Lastly, some hard work by George Glavas and Erik Nelson resulted in the creation of the Mudville Hall of Fame and induction of it's first 5 members (Roberto Alomar, Tony Gwynn, Mark McGwire, Albert Belle, and David Cone). Look for a new section of the website devoted to the HoF, coming soon. As usual, the off season brings charter proposal, trading, drafting and this year, new leadership voting. George Glavas and Nick Roppo are stepping down as Mudville Co-Commissioners after doing yeoman work the last couple years. Mudville is the best APBA league in the world because of great leadership, thanks to Nick and George for their work. Erik Nelson and Larry Botelho will take over the reigns as Co-Commissioners effective 1 Jan 2009. Alan Hounsell stays on as AL League President and Rick Roeth replaces Jason Ewing (thank you for your great work Jason!) as NL President. As usual, another great year in Mudville and we all look forward to 2009.

2009...Season #28. As was the case in 2008, all 20 owners returned to Mudville. The Korea Slammers (2008 Runner-Up, James Thivierge) maintained their stranglehold on the AL East, cruising to a very nice 111-51 record, their 4th straight 100 win campaign (109,101,108,111...nice run). In the AL West the Baystate Bombers (Rick Adams) came on late to take the division with a 91-71 season. The Endicott Gulls (Brendan Doyle) claimed the AL Wildcard with a 92-70 record (2nd in ALEast). Over in the National League, the Dekalb County Cardinals (Larry Botelho) took the NL East with a 94-68 mark. In the tough NL West the Iron City Cowgunners (John Niespodzianski) followed up their 114 win 2008 season with an amazing 125-37 season. That is the 4th highest win total in Mudville History. The Botown Baseknocks (John Botelho), despite finishing 28 games back of Iron CIty, went 97-65 and claimed the NL Wildcard. The AL Divisional Series saw Endicott sweep Baystate and in the NL Dekalb County overcame a 3-1 series deficit to upset Botown in 7. The League Championship Series didn't provide for much competition. Korea took out Endicott in 6 to claim the AL Pennant and Dekalb County's magic ran out quickly against heavily favored Iron City, Cowgunners sweeping to take the NL Pennant. In the World Series, Iron City took out a game Korea squad in 6 to win their 2nd Mudville Championship. Congrats to John and his boys. If history holds form he'll win his 3rd title in 2019! The Mudville Hall of Fame elected its two newest members, Jeff Bagwell and Kevin Brown were enshrined in early 2009. Check the Hall of Fame link for career stats. Erik Nelson and Larry Botelho provided solid leadership in their 1st season as Co-Commissioners and Alan Hounsell (AL Prez) and Rick Roeth (NL Prez) did nice work running their respective leagues. The off season is upon us and we now shift our focus to yearly award voting, 2010 Hall of Fame selections, charter proposals, trading, and the 2010 draft. Another great year in the Mudville books, bring on 2010!

2010...Season #29. Mudville continued it's owner stability run (no turnover since the end of 2007) and, as usual, produced another outstanding season. The Iron City Cowgunners (John Niespodzianski) repeated as Mudville Champions (after the Olathe Orioles had repeated in 2007/2008), claiming their 3rd Mudville crown by beating the Cardiff Bay Tigers (Alan Hounsell) 4 games to 2. The regular season offered little drama as the closest division race was 5 games (NL West) and the closest Wild Card race was 6 games (AL). Cardiff Bay (107-55) won the AL East, Windy City (Nick Roppo), 94-68, took the AL West, and the Endicott Gulls (Brendan Doyle), 94-68, claimed the AL Wild Card. In the NL the Hollywood Stars (Mike Pope), 108-54, captured the NL East and in the top heavy NL West the Olathe Orioles (Jason Ewing), 113-49, won the division over the 108-54 Cowgunners, who captured the NL Wild Card and eventually repeated as champion. In the playoffs, both Windy City (over Endicott) and Iron City (over Hollywood) won their divisional matchups in 7 games. Windy City went to face Cardiff Bay in the ALCS and Iron City and Olathe gave us a heavyweight matchup in the NLCS. Cardiff Bay bested the Silencers in 6 tough games to raise the AL Pennant. Iron City dropped Game 1 of the NLCS then promptly ran off 4 straight wins by a combined 19-4 score to take the NL Pennant. Many said that the NLCS was actually for the Mudville Championship. Despite Cardiff Bay's 107 regular season wins it was done in the historically weaker AL. Iron City held up its end of the deal, taking the title in 6 games. Over the off-season Rafael Palmeiro and Larry Walker were enshrined as the Mudville Hall of Fame Class of 2011 Mudville did lose one long time member as well. Chris Gotay, owner/manager of the New England Wolves, stepped down after 13 1/2 years in Mudville due to health concerns. We wish Chris all the best and hope he's feeling well very soon! Scott Weil took over the Wolves franchise and the franchise is now the Empire State Gladiators. Taking the reigns for the upcoming season we'll have Erik Nelson and Larry Botelho as Co-Commissioners and Alan Hounsell (AL) and Mike Pope (NL) as League Presidents. Mudville steams along into it's THIRTIETH season in 2011, showing no signs of aging.

2011...completing 3 decades of Mudville!  Mudville saw the first owner turnover since 2007 as long time (13 ½ years) member Chris Gotay of the New England Wolves stepped down.  Chris will be missed but not for very long as he will be back on board for 2012.  As usual there were owners-in-waiting and Brian Erskine took over the franchises and rebranded it the Empire State Gladiators.  On the “virtual” field the American League saw two runaway division winners.  The Korea Slammers (James Thivierge) took the AL East by 11 games, finishing 91-71.  George Glavas’ Cooperstown Giants put up a 108-54 mark, finishing 18 games ahead of Windy City, although the Silencers (Nick Roppo) took the AL Wildcard with a 90-72 mark.  Both National League divisions saw only a 3 game spread, but in different ways.  The  mediocre NL East saw Mike Pope’s Hollywood Stars claim their 5th division title but with a pedestrian 83-79 mark.  No other NL East team was over .500.  In the NL West Jason Ewing’s Olathe Orioles (112-50) and John Botelho’s Botown Baseknocks (109-53) were far and away the class of the NL.  In the AL Wild Card series Korea and Windy City played a tense 7 gamer that saw Korea come back from 3-2 down, taking the last 2 games at home to advance to the ALCS and face Cooperstown. The NL Wild Card series went as expected with Botown taking out Hollywood in 5 games to face Olathe in the NLCS.  Niether LCS provided much drama as Cooperstown dispatched Korea in 5 games and Olathe taking out division rival Botown in 6 games.  That set up a 2007 Mudville Championship rematch between Cooperstown and Olathe, won by Olathe in 5 games.  That was another Olathe powerhouse having won 126 games in 2007.  Cooperstown lasted one game longer this time but Olathe took the crown in 6 games.  Olathe pitching dominated, putting up a 1.67 ERA.  Both teams struggled with the bat, Olathe actually hitting worse (.160 batting average) than Cooperstown (.175) but the Orioles slugged 8 big home runs out of their 29 series hits, providing the offense needed to take their 3rd Mudville title since 2007.  Congratulations Jason! The off season is once again upon us and we now shift our focus to yearly award voting, 2012 Hall of Fame selections, charter proposals, trading, and the 2012 draft.  There has also been recent talks among league members on a possible gaming platform switch, leaving BBW/APBA and moving to ActionPC, that debate is still in the early stages and, at least for now, Mudville will continue to be a BBW league.

2012 recap of the 31st season of Mudville baseball. The Philly Muckdogs (Kevin Friel) put up the best W/L in the American League, finishing 97-65 and capturing the AL West title. James Thivierge’s Korea Slammers repeated as AL East champs, finishing 95-67.  The Cooperstown Giants (George Glavas) claimed the AL Wildcard slot winning 93 games. In the National League Jason Ewing led his Olathe Orioles to their 3rd straight NL West title and in doing so put up an All-Time best record of 134-28. It has been a historic 3 year run that has seen Olathe put up a combined record of 359 wins against only 127 losses, an average season of 120-42. Justin Verlander put up the best season ever for a Mudville pitcher, finishing 30-0 and a 1.13 ERA, safe to say he’ll be collecting a Cy Young award in the coming days. Mike Pope’s Hollywood Stars continued their dominance of the NL East, taking their 3rd straight division title with a mark of 103-59. Erik Nelson led his Fort Washington Generals to a 93-69 mark, taking the NL Wildcard spot. In the ALDS Korea took down Cooperstown and in the NLDS Fort Washington defeated Hollywood. Philly took the AL Crown by defeating Korea and Olathe easily dispatched Fort Washington to claim the NL Crown.  Olathe then cruised to a 2nd straight title and 4th since 2007. During the season there was much discussion about a possible platform switch that started last year.  In the end, it was decided that Mudville will continue to be a BBW league but will move to the new 5.75 version starting in 2013. Recent Mudville Hall of Fame inductees were Mike Piazza, Pedro Martinez, and Tom Glavine, the 10th, 11th, and 12th members of the HoF.

2013…Season 32 and featured move to BBW 5.75.  The platform switch went pretty much unnoticed and another great Mudville season is in the books.  The Cooperstown Giants (George Glavas) had the best AL mark, finishing 116-46 to take the AL West. Mike Eliyas’ San Diego Sluggers claimed the AL East with a 90-72 tally. Silk City (Chris Gotay) claimed the AL WildCard (86-76) by 1 game over the Cardiff Bay Tigers.  In the NL the Olathe Orioles (Jason Ewing) continued their shredding of Mudville, finishing 107-55 to win the NL West. Since 2010 Olathe is 466-182 (and average season of 117-45)! Mike Pope’s Hollywood Stars (96-66) to the NL East title. Ron Bates’ Stumptown Columbias (98-64) earned the NL WildCard. This was Ron’s first playoff appearance in 18 Mudville Seasons, congrats Ron, way to persevere! Unfortunately the Columbias’ dream season came to end in the NLDS, losing to Hollywood. San Diego snuck by Silk City to move on to the ALCS. San Diego gave Cooperstown all they could handle but the Giants prevailed, taking the AL Crown.  In the NL, Olathe moved on to their 3rd straight Mudville World Series, besting Hollwood and setting up a 2011 rematch with Cooperstown. This time, unlike 2011, Cooperstown prevailed to claim their 3rd Mudville title. Congratulations George! As usual, the off season will be filled with Awards voting, Charter updates, trades, Hall of Fame Voting, and League Leadership voting.  Mudville will be losing one long-time manager, Alan Hounsell (Cardiff Bay Tigers), who stepped down in late November.  Best of luck to Alan, he was a great manager and friend to all of us.

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